Writing for Internews during COP21

I’m proud and excited to be working with the international NGO Internews as a writer and communications consultant. In November 2015 I was commissioned to write a series of articles for the long-form content platform Medium profiling journalists from their Earth Journalism Network who are currently at the COP21 talks in Paris.

I carried out in-depth conversations with these different environmental journalists living in developing nations all around the world via Skype to get a real sense of who they are, their personalities and the work they do. I wanted to speak to them in person to find a unique angle that could help me convey why action is urgently needed to combat climate change in their respective countries.

The first piece I wrote was a powerful profile on the prolific Indian environmental journalist Stella Paul, who told me women are being forced into the sex trade because of climate change. I wrote it in Internews president Jeanne Bourgault’s name. Take a look:

Climate Change through the Eyes of Women

Stella Paul with women affected by climate change

Stella Paul speaking to victims of the sex trade in India


Towards the end of 2015, Southern Africa made the news headlines thanks to the appalling drought that was gripping the region. I spoke to veteran environmental journalist Fiona Macleod from South Africa who told me these scenes are far from new and described the situation as a “climate horror”.

As a fellow on Internews’ Earth Journalism Network Fiona said data plays a hugely important role in helping her effectively tell the stories of those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate changes. That is why she decided to set up the Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Journalism. You can read the profile I wrote on Fiona here:

Southern Africa in a “Climate Horror”

Water hungry fever trees in northern KwaZulu-Natal - Credit Fiona Macleod

Water hungry fever trees in the northern KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa


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